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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  January 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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9-1-1 reported seeing the canoe with 2 people in it capsize near bobbers grill. investigators say bystanders were able to pull one person to safety before rescue teams arrived. that person was taken to uihc for treatment. deputies have not released fire departments and the metro area dive team have been on scene for hours with "below freezing air temperatures" and very cold water to deal with. water levels in the reservoir were normal when the canoe capsized. responders in southeast wisconsin have found the bodies of 4 canoers who went missing over the weekend. police in walworth county, southwest of milwaukee, received a missing persons report around 11:00 this morning. police say the 4 men from illinois were last seen leaving a house around 2:00 in the morning and never returned. whenever you see news, give us a call on newsline nine. that number is 319-365-9999. you can also email pictures and video to newsroom at kcrg
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as so many of us will never forget the flood of 2008 here -- we didn't experience the loss of life that is being seen this week. at least 24 people have died from the flooding in missouri and illinois. dozens from the iowa national guard are helping with water purification outside of st. louis -- as the water is finally pulling back... that's where kcrg tv-9's brea love is joining us from -- high ridge, missouri -- southwest of st. louis... and soldiers from iowa are working long days... brea? chris, this hydrant, about 8 miles away from high ridge, is what troops are using to pump clean water into the town's water towers. most of the flooding in town subsided, but the pure water is still an issue. these troops are on their third day of hard work, and its been non stop since they arrived january 1st. cg-2nd. lieutenant kenneth voorhees - iowa national guard- sot "when
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settled in. we had pretty much a couple hours off, and we started up at 3 in the morning" 3 in the morning until 3 at night.. troops are working in 12 hour shifts to make sure high ridge residents are regaining a necessity. within the last 72 hours they've run 174,000 gallons of purified water. sot " they have pumps hooked up to the fire hydrants and basically a fire hose runs, and we fill the hippos, water tanks on the back of the trucks and we have pumps on the back of the hippos, that will pump them into a tank, and into the water tower." the water from the hydrants is completely clean, but not suitable for drinking. the town is under a boil order, but lieutenant voorhees says residents very thankful. sot "there have been a lot of honks, and waves, and thank yous as people drive by." he says being out here and experience the need shows its importance. sot "just seeing the signs that say conserve water, and going into gas stations you cant get a fresh cup of coffee because they can't serve anything with water. it just really puts things into perspective that they do really need this water, because it is a dyer issue." that's why they are doing all
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sot "we also are running the water purification system those guys have just setting that up today, they got approval for the site, so they are working on getting that set up." the troops will be here over the next few days focusing on transporting water, and building that purification system. live in high ridge, missouri, brea love, kcrg-tv nine news. dry days are here in eastern least to open the work week. metereologist chris havely is in with the first alert forecast... chris? a thick blanket of clouds overspread eastern iowa sunday morning, and has no plans to move out quickly. in fact, most of tonight will continue have overcast skies. as high pressure slowly moves closer to us, we should see this cloud deck start to break up by tomorrow. the clouds are associated with a shot of some cooler air, so expect lows tonight to be fairly seasonable again, dropping into the teens, despite the
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through wednesday, expect more quiet conditions with a gradual warm up into the low 30s, ahead of our next rain/snow making system arriving on thursday. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 11-17 winds: nw 5-10 alo: 13 dbq: 15 iow: 16tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 22-28 winds: n ese 5-10 alo: 25 dbq: 24 iow: 26 back to you. the iowa division of criminal investigation is investigating a fatal shooting in chickasaw county. several law enforcement agencies responded to the 100 block of saint lawrence street in nashua around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. nashua police officers found a 56-year-old man dead with a gunshot wound when they arrived at the scene. k-i-m-t in mason city reports it may have been an accidental shooting. authorities have not released the victim's name. body camera policies at police departments in iowa are not meeting national standards. that's according to a report from the des moines register. the register reviewed polices
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different law enforcement agencies. the review found the departments fall short when it comes to transparency of the programs. the review also showed that the public did not have input into developing the policies. cedar rapids police say a policy on body cameras will be shared with community groups when a final draft of that policy is finished. president obama will meet with attorney general loretta lynch tomorrow to discuss what actions he can take on gun control. he's expected to take action to strengthen background checks on gun purchases later this month. the executive order would also give more money to local law enforcement agencies to help enforce gun laws. new offices in black hawk county this month. in waterloo, quentin hart will begin a 2-year term in the mayor's office with a ceremony at the city council meeting at 5:30 pm tomorrow. that will be at city hall. hart will become waterloo's first african- american mayor. he won a runoff election against
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tim hurley last month. at city hall, hart will move over a few seats from his role on the city council, as he served waterloo's 4th ward for years. right next door in cedar falls, jim brown will also take over for long-time mayor jon crews. brown also won a run-off election in december but crews had dropped out after placing second in the november vote. crews had served as mayor of cedar falls 3 separate times going back to 1971. the "business of running iowa" opens next monday with the start of the 2016 legislative session on january the 11th. the 2016 legislative session will start at the state capitol in 8 days. a similar balance between republicans and democrats has been in place for the past 5 years -- with republican governor terry branstad and a split legislature. democrats control the senate with a narrow margin, 26 to 24. while republicans hold the majority in the house 57-43. an issue that lingered for months during the 2015 session was over k-12 education funding as both sides held onto
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expected for 2016 include overseeing iowa's medicaid expansion along with funding for planned parenthood. for the candidates at the high end of the republican polls, 2 will be in eastern iowa over the coming days. ted cruz opens a 6-day, 36-county bus tour tomorrow. he is scheduled for eastern iowa on saturday in allamakee, bremer, clayton, fayette counties. florida senator marco rubio has been polling third in iowa of late. he will be here in burlington on monday and cedar rapids tuesday, with that visit to the cedar rapids marriott planned for 8 am.. for the democrats, former secretary of state hillary clinton will appear in cedar rapids tomorrow at the new bo city market, between stops in davenport and des moines. the stop at the new bo city market in cedar rapids is scheduled for 3 p-m tomorrow. a monticello woman is thanking her sister and a "paired donor program" for being alive today. debbie hein was diagnosed with kidney failure a few years ago. her sister and
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wanted to donate their kidneys, but had incompatible blood types. so debbie's sister entered into a paired donor program, which allowed her to donate to another recipient. that allowed debbie to get compatible a kidney from an anonymous donor. "if it wasn't for was what i would've called critical." during her kidney transplant, doctors found spots on her liver. that led to her needing a new liver, and she got one just a few months later. debbie says she's recovered well from both surgeries. a former hawkeye who played at halftime of the rose bowl nearly 60 years ago got to watch this years game with a special piece of history. but her special rose bowl momento from 19-57 almost wasn't there for friday's historic
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their own superstitions or good luck charms during friday's rose bowl matchup with stanford. one newton woman's charm was her medal she earned for playing in the rose bowl for the hawkeyes nearly 60 years ago. she wore that medal proudly for every hawkeye game since 1957, but it went missing around thanksgiving last year. claire powell from woi in des moines picks up the story from there. "anyone who knows me knows about my rose bowl
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dorothy carpenters home "we're certainly a family of hawkeye fans" there's no doubt. shes a hawkeye. and has been since 1956 when she joined the famous scottish highlanders, an all female bagpipe and drumming band. "oh im right here, third snare" as fate has it, her first year at iowa, the hawks made it to pasedena. "was of course that magical football season for the hawkeyes to get to go to the rose bowl for the very first time" the band played on their train ride out, in the parade, at halftime and on the rides back. and after it all, they got this medal. carpenter has worn it nearly every day since. "i consider it a good luck charm too. i wear it to all teh games" that was until the monday before this thanksgiving. nearly 60 years later. she went to the grocery store with it on... "the chain was there, the link was on the chain, teh medal itself is gone. i could not imagine, what on earth, how i couldve lost it" so she put an ad in the paper and crossed her fingers. "lost and found, reward if found and my undying gratitude and my phone number" as she was figuring it was in a pawn shop somewhere, her phone rang. " this womans voice. please call, i have something important to tell you. that was all. could it possibly be... that shes calling about my rose bowl medal..." fate struck again. "she was absolutely excited about finding me as i
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i had really lost all hope" looking back makes her laugh "too much stuff..." another trip to pasadena, she thinks the medals return a sign. good luck "....i have a good feeling" claire powell with that story. like many hawkeyes, carpenter said she considered going to pasadena for this year's rose bowl. but she decided to stay home so she could catch all of the bowl games on friday. chris havely returns as we're watching for
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eastern iowa sunday morning, and has no plans to move out quickly. in fact,
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continue have overcast skies. as high pressure slowly moves closer to us, we should see this cloud deck start to break up by tomorrow. the clouds are associated with a shot of some cooler air, so expect lows tonight to be fairly seasonable again, dropping into the teens, despite the "blanket" of clouds overhead. from monday through wednesday, expect more quiet conditions with a gradual warm up into the
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arriving on thursday. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 11-17 winds: nw 5-10 alo: 13 dbq: 15 iow: 16tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 22-28 winds: n ese 5-10 alo: 25 dbq: 24 iow: 26tomorrow night: partly cloudy low: 10-16 winds: s 5-15 alo: 12 dbq: 11 iow: 14tuesday: partly cloudy high: 30 - low: 13 wednesday: m/cloudy, chance of snow high: 33 - low: 20 thursday: chance of rain/snow high: 35 - low: 28 friday: rain/snow likely high: 36 - low: 30 saturday:
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snow high: 29 - low: 25 sunday: partly cloudy high: 22 - low: 16 thanks chris. ... josh joins us now, this is the time of year where coaches get hired. we could see
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iowa's staff. nothing is final right now, but there are reports . we'll have all the details when we come back. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. ... as the college football
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down, rumors start to fly around about coaching staff changes. ... there are some reports that iowa linebackers coach jim reid may be heading back east to become boston college's defensive coordinator. he was the d-coordinator for the eagles in 1994. he's a massachusset ts native as well. he's been on iowa's coaching staff since 2012. ... northern iowa defensive back deiondre hall has been invited to the nfl scouting combine. he finished with 82 tackles, six interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown. he's also been invited to the shrine game and the senior bowl. ... former hawkeye wide receivers marvin mcnutt, kevonte martin-manley and keenan davis held a skills camp today at the u.s. cellular center. the camp is called playmakersu offensive skills instruction. the kids did all kinds of route running, which these guys were known for at iowa. the hawkeye trio hopes to make this camp a weekly event.
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to help all these kids going up because it's something that i didn't have growing up here. as a young guy, i never had someone coaching me on the skill sets that i needed to be a receiver. so i think giving back and skill specific work, i think it's great." "it's honestly a dream come true. playmakersu, it was originally started in pontiac, michigan, my hometown. and for me to see the progress of it going from starting in pontiac and coming here with me, keenan and marvin to iowa, it's really a dream come true." "it's one of those things where you have a route you like to run. so when you hear it, you say, 'let me show the kids how to run this one.' it's just fun and that's part of it, and then to be able to give something back doing what we love is huge." trt: 48 oc: "what we love is huge" and i'm joined by former hawkeye lew montgomery for our sunday night spotlight, here to talk about the rose bowl. lew i know
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exactly what the hawkeyes wanted losing 45-16. the big thing was christian mccaffrey going for 368 all-purpose yards. what impresses you most about that? "he's a really impressive player. what you find from a guy like mccaffrey is his ability to have great vision. we saw a lot of great balance from him. he was able to break tackles when he needed to break tackles. and just that explosive speed. we didn't have an answer game. i think he was the difference get him in open space because we saw it on the first play of the game? "i give stanford credit, they did a phenomenal job planning. what they wanted to do, i don't know if he's necessarily as much of a threat as a running back,
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different scenarios flanked him out, they gave him the passes out of the backfield. and a like mccaffrey is the guy's really fast. and we saw that from the first play." what was iowa struggling with both offensively and defensively in this game? "i think what they struggled with the most was their ability to take control of the game. what we've done well all season long is establish the run. and they put pressure on c.j. and iowa really struggled getting into any kind of rhythm. what happened was, they had a rhythm and their answer mccaffrey and those big receivers and tight ends." as a player when you see them have some life in the second half. you guys had the same experience back in 1991. do you feel good at the end knowing you never gave up? "yea, absolutely. as i was watching the game, i had flashbacks of where we were in that same situation. and i said, 'okay, these guys are going to go in at halftime and change this thing round.' but it was to no avail. they came out, stanford put some more points on the board, iowa made it a bit of a better game
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the things i think we have to look at is this team was a magical team. they gave us 12 wins. here's a team that was predicted to be in the middle to bottom of the west division, which is typically a weaker division. this team overcame all those challenges." what excites you most about the future and next season? "i think this team is going to be extremely competitive next year. the only difference between this year and next year is, they're not going to sneak up on anybody. obviously, coming into this season people were not predicting us to do very well. well, we won the whole division. for these players coming in, they have a bigger chip on their shoulder, they have a bigger hurdle to climb because everybody's going to be gunning to knock iowa off." hey, spring practice is just a couple of months away. lew montgomery joining us for the sunday night spotlight. we'll be right back, stay with tv9. ... former hawkeye tight end
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a very quiet year in atlanta with just one reception on the season. ... falcons closed out the season against new orleans ... matt ryan with the bootleg and moeaki is wide open... he goes down the far sideline... lowers the shoulder right at the end for the 42-yard touchdown... nice way to end the season ... women's college basketball... northern ... 1st half action, amber sorenson splashes in a three... she finished with 18 points... panthers down 21-19 ... a little bit later... iowa city west grad mikaela morgan nails the three-ball corner pocket to give uni a one-point lead madison weekly had a career game finishing with a team-high 28 points... nearly brining the panthers back, but they come up short 65-60 ... women's college basketball, florida
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iowa city high grad haley lorenzen hits the baseline jumper in the 2nd quarter for the gators ... 3rd quarter, haley from basically the same spot... she's all money on that bucket... she finished with 8 points and 7 rebounds... florida lost a close one, 76- 70 ... tomorrow for on iowa live, we have former hawkeyes lew montgomery, keenan davis and kevonte martin-manley. also, the kennedy girls basketball team. thanks josh. and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t chris havely for your final forecast. a thick blanket of clouds overspread eastern iowa sunday morning, and has no plans to move out quickly. in fact, most of tonight will continue have overcast skies. as high pressure slowly moves closer to us, we should see this cloud deck start to break up by tomorrow. the clouds are associated with a shot of some cooler air, so expect lows tonight to be fairly seasonable again, dropping into the teens, despite the "blanket" of clouds overhead. from monday through wednesday, expect more
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up into the low 30s, ahead of our next rain/snow making system arriving on thursday. thanks chris. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. don't forget the kcrg-tv9 early
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f learfield sports. announcer: uthoff hits a stand-still three. >> gesell, his three is good. excellent ball movement again. three on two, clemmons the lob to uthoff, stuffs it through. jok for three, it's good! here's woodbury. pop-up jumper, left in the lane, down it goes. dominic uhl will go right around his man and the two-hand over-the-head dunk.
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